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Outbound Methodology Explained by Persanified

Step 1: Bypass Spam Filtersfor Your Business

Cold Email In The Past

Back in 2014, results from a cold email campaign could be achieved simply by purchasing a list of prospects, enrolling them in an HTML campaign via Mailchimp, and blasting emails with a {{First Name}} custom variable. This approach yielded a significant number of leads.

By 2016, major marketing SMTPs like Mailchimp began imposing stricter controls, reducing the effectiveness of such tactics. However, alternatives like using Excel for mail merges into Outlook accounts were still viable.

In 2020, the landscape shifted towards Sales Engagement tools. gained prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic, as the need for high-volume emailing surged.

This evolution led to reduced effectiveness due to the impact on domain reputation from using multiple inboxes under one domain.

Cold Email Today

In the current landscape, optimizing email delivery into prospect inboxes requires a scientific approach. Aligning and validating MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records on the DNS is crucial.

Each inbox should reside on a separate domain to prevent interference with live communication and opted-in marketing emails.

Joining a warmup pool and using AI to simulate engagement helps in evading spam filters. In the future, sending entirely unique emails might become necessary.

Persanified manages and advises on these intricacies to ensure optimal inbox placement for our clients and partners.

Step 2: Identify your Ideal Customer Profile

Building Lists in the Past

Previously, buyers were limited to the information presented to them. For example, finding and comparing accounting software options was challenging.

Full-cycle sales reps could compile lists of Accounting Managers, send template emails via Outreach or Apollo, and easily secure meetings due to the lack of available information.

The emergence of data companies like Apollo, ZoomInfo, Seamless, LeadIQ changed the game, enabling companies to access extensive LinkedIn data and target broader markets.

Building Lists Today

Now, buyers are inundated with information from various sources like blogs, videos, LinkedIn posts, and podcasts.

They are well-informed about their needs and available solutions, reducing the effectiveness of traditional sales rep solicitations.

The modern approach involves leveraging data to identify companies fitting the ideal customer profile, such as targeting VP of Marketing at mid-sized companies hiring for specific roles.

Persanified accesses over 30 databases to research and build lists matching your Ideal Customer Profile, enabling precise and relevant outreach.

Step 3: What to Say?

Note: This is a prospect we sent an email to on behalf of one of our customers. They loved our copywriting so much, they made a LinkedIn post about it. Check it out.

Your Dad's Cold Email Template

When you reach this point, you’ve probably got a good guess about what I’m about to dive into. Maybe it even takes you back to how we used to do cold email outreach in the past at your old job.

Think about those subject lines that screamed for attention: “Don’t hire another VP until you read this!” And then, inside, you’d find two or three paragraphs trying to sell you on all the bells and whistles of the product or service.

Back then, this was pretty much the only way folks got info about something that might solve their problem. But things have changed.

Nowadays, that kind of approach just doesn’t cut it. Information is everywhere. Everyone’s using the same old “Hey {{First Name}}” opener followed by some cookie-cutter message.

And guess what? No one’s biting. Why? Because it’s the same old song and dance, and there’s nothing in there that really grabs them.

Data Empowered Copywriting

Modern email copywriting leverages data for effectiveness. Short emails under 75 words, interest-based calls to action, and simplicity in language significantly increase response rates.

Personalizing emails based on LinkedIn profiles and company websites, and incorporating data from the ideal customer profile research enhances engagement.

Persanified offers copywriting and utilizes structured frameworks and guidelines to craft impactful emails for our clients, significantly increasing the odds of successful engagement.

Step 4: Evolution of Targeting with Intent Data

Traditional Outreach Methods

In the era before advanced intent data utilization, outbound marketing strategies were significantly less targeted. Companies relied on broad demographic or firmographic data for outreach, leading to generalized and often less relevant communication. 

Messaging was crafted based on market trends and assumptions rather than individual prospect behavior, resulting in a one-size-fits-all approach. This lack of personalization and precision in targeting often led to lower engagement and conversion rates, as messages did not resonate deeply with the specific needs and interests of each prospect.

Harnessing the Power of Intent Data

With the integration of intent data platforms like 6Sense, G2 and ClearBit, Persanified has transformed the outbound marketing approach. Today, our strategy involves using these advanced tools to understand and target prospects based on their specific online behaviors, interests, and engagement patterns. 

This shift enables us to craft messages that align closely with a prospect’s current research and needs, significantly increasing the relevance and potential for engagement. Our focused outreach strategies are tailored to prospects who show active interest or are in decision-making stages, enhancing the effectiveness of each campaign. 

By leveraging detailed insights provided by intent data, we are able to achieve higher engagement and conversion rates, tailoring our approach to the nuanced needs of each prospect in a way that traditional methods could not.

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